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Proud to be a Cowboy

Dez Bryant

The Poke Choke, that is how Cowboy fans refer to a game we should have won, but ended up losing.  This has happened many times over the years.  Oh, the times we have been up on a Texas or Oklahoma only to come back and blow it later in the game.  This last week I witnessed a “Poke Choke” that will go down in history.  OSU came into the game ranked 5th in the country.  The week before we had defeated the Georgia Bulldogs from the mighty SEC.  After this historic victory, it seemed like it would be an easy road until we faced Texas on Oct. 31 in Stillwater.  All we had to do was play solid football and beat some teams that were not as good as us.  Our next opponent was the Houston Cougars from the inferior Conference USA.  We were on our home field.  We had better athletes.  We were supposed to win by 15 points, but something went wrong.  When Houston kicked off, at the end of the first half, and the ball accidentally hit one of our players and they recovered it, I knew it was not meant to be.  Every tipped ball and turnover went their way.  At the end of the game, Cowboy fans exited the stadium with their heads hung low, after losing to a team they should have beat.

Being a Cowboy fan has taught me some valuable Christian principles.  First, it has taught me loyalty (better known to Christians as faithfulness).  Everyone wants to root for who is on top at the moment.  When a team is winning, you see more jerseys and more fans than when they are losing.  There are many people who want to jump on the bandwagon when a team is winning, but as soon as they start to lose people jump ship.  It is important to be loyal and faithful.  Although loyalty is not a necessity in sports, it is a quality to be admired.  However, faithfulness is a necessity for Christians.  There will be times in a person’s life when it might not seem as if God is in control.  It is important we don’t jump ship.  We should not be tossed around by the waves, but instead we should know, without a doubt, that Jesus Christ is our anchor in the storms of life.

Second, being a Cowboy fan has taught me humility.  There are plenty of high points being a Cowboy fan.  Perhaps one of the greatest victories in school history was when the Cowboys, who were 3-7 on the year, upset the 4th ranked Sooners in Norman, OK.  Then, there are games like the 2007 OSU vs. Texas match up where we led 35-14 going into the 4th quarter and ended up losing the game.  Being a Cowboy fan teaches you not to say too much after a big win, because there is always next week.  Humility is essential to the Christian life.  Jesus lived a humble life upon this earth, and He expects us to do the same (Phil. 2:5-8).  We cannot be humble if we always think we are better than everyone else.

I received a bachelor’s degree from OSU and I spent three years of my life in Stillwater.  I met my wife on campus and I proposed to her at Theta Pond.  I am proud to be a Cowboy.  For many years, when we have played an OU or a Texas it has been like a David and Goliath type battle.  We were not expected to win, but some years the little shepherd boy surprised the football giant and came away with a victory.  However, this year things are different.  We began the year as a ranked team, and even after losing the second game of the season we are still ranked.  I do not know what the rest of the year holds in store for us, but I will be there the whole way rooting on the Cowboys.  Go Pokes!

One Response to “Proud to be a Cowboy”

  1. Yes there is something to be said for being fans of either Oklahoma team. You never know from week to week what team is going to show up….the winning team or the loosing team. One things for sure they are not predictable!!

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