Resurrected Living
"What are you going to do with your new resurrected life? This is the heroic question." Richard Rohr

Role Models

It is hard to find role models today.  I am sure there are many good role models within a community.  You probably know of good parents, teachers, ministers, firemen, police men, etc. who live in your community.  It is great if your children look up to these people, but most of the time children are looking for someone famous to look up to.  When one looks at people who are famous it is obvious that most of them would not make good role models.  Most actors and actresses are terrible at relationships.  It seems like every week a celebrity couple is breaking up and it won’t be long before they find someone new.  Celebrities also tend to make weird religious commitments if they make a commitment at all.  How many of you know someone who practices Scientology besides Tom Cruise or John Travolta?  Who knew about Kabbalah before Madonna?  It is easy to pick on celebrities, but politicians are not much better.  We expect celebrities to do crazy things, but politicians should know better.  It seems they know enough to try and keep things quiet until it is eventually leaked and becomes a major scandal on the six o’clock news.  Professional athletes have their share of problems.  They often make the headlines for cheating, drug possession, firearm possession, drunk driving, and other criminal activities.  I am sure that not all celebrities, politicians, and professional athletes are bad, but it does seem like there is a lack of good role models among these groups of people.  In the last few years it has been refreshing to watch college football and discover there are good role models out there.  People like Tim Tebow, Sam Bradford, and Colt McCoy have talked openly about their faith.  Last Saturday, while watching the Texas vs. Texas Tech game, the announcers mentioned that the two quarterbacks used to attend church together.  These two men love their schools.  They love football, but they also know that money, fame, and football isn’t everything in life.  The most important thing to these young men is their faith.  Now that is somebody you can look up to.

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