Resurrected Living
"What are you going to do with your new resurrected life? This is the heroic question." Richard Rohr

Blogs I Read

To be an effective preacher I believe you need to do a lot of reading.  I guess I am somewhat old fashioned in the sense that I enjoy a book.  I love to find a good bookstore and I love to scour the shelves looking for something new.  Perhaps next week when Apple announces the Tablet (or whatever they are going to call it) I might change my mind, but I doubt it.  One area in which books are inadequate is getting information to you quickly.  The author has to write the book, it is then edited and sent to the publisher, the book is printed and sent to the store (or, and then I have to find the extra money to purchase it.  Because of the internet we can now access information from experts and people who think they are experts instantaneously.  Often this information comes in the form of a blog.  There are many religious blogs available to read and to subscribe to.  I have combed through the vast array of these blogs doing research for sermons and classes, but here are a few that I read on a regular basis.

Desposyni is a blog created by Matthew Dowling, minister for the Piedmont Church of Christ.  I got to know Matthew after he began preaching at Piedmont, because I use to preach there as well.  Matthew and I share some of the same interests and I appreciate the wonderful job he is doing for that congregation.  He has put together a blog with some great resources, and he is always willing to share his latest find.  I don’t know where Matthew finds all the things he puts on his blog, but I am glad he does.

Bible and Culture is a blog by New Testament scholar Ben Witherington.  He teaches at Asbury Theological Seminary and has written a commentary on every book of the New Testament.  From time to time Witherington will delve into theology or some Biblical text, but for the most part his blog is very practical.  He gives great commentary on things related to our culture.  He has recently written a book entitled Jesus and Money and to go along with that book he has provided several entries on his blog.

Thoughts From the Mound is a blog formed by my good friend Jeff Jenkins.  Jeff is the pulpit minister for the Lewisville Church of Christ.  I interned under Jeff when he was at North MacArthur, and he married my wife and I.  Jeff loves the church and loves preaching.

One Response to “Blogs I Read”

  1. Scott, it turns out your a progressive after all. I found your blog listed on a list of “progressive” church of Christ blogs. How about that!

    As a side note, I’m updating the Barnes blog more regularly now. Not that it merits any mention on your list, but if your readers want to give it a look, follow the link!

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