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And the Oscar goes to…

It’s that time of year again.  It’s time to pick who you think will win the big awards on Oscar night.  I always enjoy the oscar nominated movies because I believe there is more thought behind them than some of the big summer blockbusters.  These movies are usually very compelling and many of them have a message they are trying to get across.  These movies rely on story, script, acting, and directing, instead of special effects and big budgets.  When I go to the movies I would rather be stimulated mentally, than by explosions and computer graphics.  These movies often challenge us and cause us to think.  I believe this is what art and entertainment should do.

Best Picture

This year the academy has decided to expand the best picture nominees from five to ten (This is probably due to The Dark Knight missing out last year).  The two front runners this year are Avatar and The Hurt Locker, although anything can happen with 10 nominations.  These are two good movies, but if I had to choose between the two I would choose The Hurt Locker.  Avatar is probably the favorite, and although it is visually pleasing I believe it’s environmental message was a little over the top.  The Hurt Locker on the other hand points out the reality of war without taking sides.  It is probably the best Iraq war movie to date.

If I had to choose a best picture of the year on my own it would probably be Fantastic Mr. Fox.  This year was one of the best year for kids movies in a long time.  It is a shame that three of the best were not nominated: Fantastic Mr. Fox, Where the Wild Things Are, and Coraline.

Best Actor

Morgan Freeman did an outstanding job portraying Nelson Mandella, but Jeff Bridges probably deserves to win for Crazy Heart (a movie I have not yet seen).  Bridges is a great actor who has flown under the radar throughout his career, but now has the chance to win the big award.  He sings all the songs in Crazy Heart, a movie about a washed up country singer.  It is loosely based on the life of Waylon Jennings and Townes Van Zandt.

Best Actress

This is a very tough category.  Sandra Bullock will probably win for her portrayal of Leigh Anne Tuohy, but Meryl Streep, or newcomers Carrey Mulligan and Gabourey Sidibe could just as easily win.  Streep probably deserves to win for playing Julia Childs in Julie and Julia.  It is very difficult to play someone who everyone knows and Streep does an excellent job, including the accent.  The problem is that Streep gets nominated every year, and Bullock never gets nominated because she usually stars in mediocre romantic comedies that are easily forgotten.  In my opinion this speaks very highly of Streep, but voters will probably flock to Bullock.

Other Categories

I have not seen many of the movies that are nominated in the supporting roles, but I like Matt Damon as captain of the rugby team in Invictus for best supporting actor and Mo’Nique as an abusive mother in Precious for the best supporting actress.  I hope Fantastic Mr. Fox wins for best animated movie, but I have a feeling Up will take home the award.

Achievement in Art Direction – Avatar,  Achievement in Cinematography – The Hurt Locker, Achievement in Costume Design – Coco Before Chanel, Achievement in Directing – Kathryn Bigelow, Best Documentary – Food Inc., Achievement in Film Editing – Avatar, Best Foreign Language Film – The White Ribbon, Original Score – Fantastic Mr. Fox, Original Song – The Weary Kind, Sound Editing – Avatar, Visual Effects – Avatar, Adapted Screenplay – Precious, Original Screenplay – The Hurt Locker

Let me know your picks and remember the Oscars are on tomorrow night.

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