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"What are you going to do with your new resurrected life? This is the heroic question." Richard Rohr

ESV iphone app

Crossway the publishers of the ESV have announced a new app for the iphone.  In the next few weeks they will release an app that contains the ESV and allows you to search, highlight, record notes, and share passages with others.  I could not find a price on this app, but hopefully it is under 5 dollars.  Many more people are using their iphones as Bibles.  It is convenient and always with you.  It is so great that so many people have instant access to God’s word.  I applaud Crossway and their efforts to get the ESV out to more people.  I hope more publishers will do the same thing.

For more information visit Crossway’s website.

ESV iphone app by Crossway

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