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ESV iphone app

The ESV iphone app is now available from Crossway and the good news is that it is free. Crossway could have easily chosen to charge for this popular version of the Bible, but I am glad they did not. I have already purchased several ESV Bibles and I have purchased one Bible program for my phone. I would have probably not paid over 5 dollars for the ESV iphone app (some versions of the Bible cost you as much as $25). Kudos to Crossway for wanting to put the Bible into the hands of the people, instead of trying to make an extra dollar. I just downloaded the app and briefly looked it over. One thing I did notice, that may be of interest to some people, is the ability to change the font size from small all the way up to extra large. I know some people have a difficult time reading the small font on an already small phone. This should be a blessing to people who are in need of a larger font. If you want to download this app go to the app store and search for ESV or Crossway and be sure and choose the one that is free.


One Response to “ESV iphone app”

  1. Scott –

    Thanks for posting this update. I never dreamed they would release it for FREE, so I hadn’t planned on checking up on this app. It looks pretty good!


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