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Kat Edmondson & David Garza @ The Bugle Boy

Last night I got to see an amazing show at The Bugle Boy with Kat Edmondson and David Garza.  It was one of those rare performances that reminds me why I am a live music fan.  Kat Edmondson and David Garza are wonderful artists on their own, but last night they joined forces to form an amazing duo.  The setlist consisted of songs primarily from Kat’s repertoire, but David’s presence was felt on every one of them.  Going back and forth from guitar and piano David impressed with his instrumental talent as much as Kat impressed with her vocal talent.  The two artists had an amazing chemistry especially considering they do not play together often.  In between songs David kept everyone entertained with a keen sometimes quirky sense of humor.  The show ran a little late, but no one seemed to mind, and Kat and David kept the audience enthralled with a beautiful rendition of “Something Stupid”.

This was my first time to the Bugle Boy, but it will definitely not be my last.  It is a very impressive small venue with great sound.  The Bugle Boy is dedicated to music.  You need to arrive early in order to choose a good seat, but then you can enjoy a good cup of coffee from their espresso bar.  The venue is open to everyone except very small children.  Once the show starts the doors are closed and there is no talking.  They are very serious about this. They believe all your attention should be focused on the artist and their performance.  The Bugle Boy is also a non-profit organization dedicated to keeping live music in La Grange for years to come.  What a delight to find a great musical venue in my hometown.

If you like vocal jazz music, then you need to check out Kat Edmondson.  She is a great female jazz vocalist in the same vein as Billie Holiday, Ella Fitzgerald, and Diana Krall.  Kat performs the standards, but she also writes some songs of her own.  Here is one of those songs.

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