Resurrected Living
"What are you going to do with your new resurrected life? This is the heroic question." Richard Rohr

Identity Markers

The church is a community.  It defines who we are are, but the church is not the only community for which we are a part.  We are either male or female. We are all part of a family.  Most of us work or go to school.  We may belong to a club or other special group of people.  We are part of one race or perhaps a combination of races.  Most of us probably belong to a political party.  We are citizens of a country.  All of these things define who we are as a person.  They are very much a part of us.

I cannot pretend I am not a male, father, husband, preacher, American, etc. Even on Sunday morning, when I am supposed to be known as a Christian, these identity markers come into play and it is impossible for me to leave them behind.  We should not try to pretend we are not a part of these other communities, in fact, some of these communities were created by God. Although many things define who we are, we need to make sure we are first and foremost a Christian.  Christianity should define us more than anything else.  I should not try to change the fact that I am a male, father, husband, American, etc.  I need to learn how to be a Christian male, Christian father, Christian husband, Christian American, etc.  Christianity is so life changing it should influence every other community to which I belong.

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