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Biblical Apps for the iPhone

Technology can be a wonderful thing if we choose to use it for good.  One of the most amazing things about modern technology is that you can have an entire library in the palm of your hand.  The new smart phones are incredible devices that not only serve as phones, but as e-readers and computers as well.  Here are a few iPhone apps you may want to download if you haven’t already.

Accordance is a Bible software program for your mac and now iPhone.

Christianity Today offers the latest news and happenings in the world of Christianity.

Godhungry Keep up with Jim Martin’s excellent blog via this new app.

BibleReader This app by Olive Tree is more than a Bible reader.  It allows you to store multiple versions of the Bible on your phone, as well as, other Bible resources.  You can customize this app by downloading the Bibles, commentaries, and reference books that best suit you.  There are many books available for free, but you will have to purchase others.

ESV Bible If all you are looking for is a Bible for your phone look no further.  The ESV Bible is the best Bible only app I have found.

QuickMem Greek Looking to brush up on your Greek skills?  Here is a helpful app for the beginner Greek student.

Christian Creeds and Reformed Confessions If you have ever wondered what some of the famous Christian creeds and Reformed confessions state, then look no further than this app.

Scripture Only In this app you will find several devotionals based solely on Scripture.

Blue Letter Bible Here is an app based on the popular Bible website by the same name.  This app is very helpful, but you must have wifi to use it.

2 Responses to “Biblical Apps for the iPhone”

  1. There are two which I find indispensable
    logos – which gives me access to my library on my phone

    you version – not only is it an excellent Bible app, but the “live events” portion for churches allows us to deliver sermon content via phones for free and it is very easy to use and set up

  2. Hi,
    I would like to add another app to this fabulous post — Sacred Words app

    Sacred Words is an innovative word game where not only can you use normal dictionary words, you can use words from the Bible as well! Additionally, you can further your mind by actually clicking on a word to retrieve the standard and/or Biblical definition of the word that was last played.

    You can download it from here:

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