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2011 Oscar Predictions

I’m a little behind with my Oscar predictions this year, but I have a few hours before the big show starts.  This was a pretty good year for movies, and I don’t expect too many big surprises tonight, but you never know.  Here is my take on tonight’s nominations and who got left out.

Best Picture

This is the second year we have had ten pictures nominated for Best Picture.  I am not a big fan of nominating so many pictures, but I understand the academy is trying to boost their ratings for the show.  Although they selected ten there are some that should have been left out and some that should have been on the list.  Toy Story should be replaced with another Disney movie, Secretariat.  The Kids Are All Right should be stricken from the list and its place should go to The Town or Get Low.  These are just minor discrepancies.  The Academy got the top contenders right.  I predict the Best Picture will go to The King’s Speech.  It certainly deserves it and it is one of my favorite films of the year, but it could just as easily go to The Social Network or Inception.

Best Actor

This may be the easiest out of all the categories.  Colin Firth deserves the Oscar for his brilliant performance in The King’s Speech.  The rest of the nominees were deserving of their nominations, although I was not able to watch Biutiful with Javier Bardem.  If they missed anyone it would be Robert Duvall giving one of his best performances of his career in Get Low.

Best Actress

Natalie Portman will win Best Actress for Black Swan.  I was not a huge fan of Black Swan, but I do think Portman probably gave the best performance of her young career.  If I was given a vote it would go to Jennifer Lawrence in Winter’s Bone.  I doubt this movie goes home with any awards, but I was glad to see this independent movie nominated.

Best Supporting Actor

This is a tough category.  Jeremy Renner followed up his great performance in last year’s Hurt Locker with another brilliant performance in The Town.  Geoffrey Rush gave a brilliant performance, as he always does, in The King’s Speech.  Even though there were many great performances in this category I believe hands down the Oscar should go to Christian Bale in The Fighter.  His performance as a drug addicted ex boxer was extremely convincing.

Best Supporting Actress

This category will come down to the portrayal of two controlling mothers who lead their children down destructive paths.  The favorite is Melissa Leo in The Fighter, although Jacki Weaver also does an outstanding job in the lesser known film, Animal Kingdom.  We should also not forget Hailee Steinfeld’s powerful performance in True Grit.  She went toe to toe with some of the best actor’s in the business and held her own.  I predict that Melissa Leo will win.  If you have seen The Fighter you will barely recognize Leo when she accepts her award.

Best Animated Picture

This will go to Toy Story 3.  It is sad to see this franchise come to a close.  I hope no one tries to ride the popularity of these films, by putting out another that does not live up to the other three.

Best Director

I usually think the Best Director should go to the Best Picture, but this year I am abandoning this philosophy.  The King’s Speech was a great film because it had a strong script and brilliant actors.  I think the skills of a director were better seen in The Social Network and Inception.  In The Social Network David Fincher did a film unlike any other he had done before and probably made his best film.  Inception was a completely original mind blowing film that was all Christopher Nolan.  It is a tragedy that he was not even nominated.

Best Documentary

There are some good documentaries in this category, but they skipped over some even better ones.  Where are The Tillman Story, Waiting for Superman, and Catfish?  I think Exit Through the Giftshop will win even though it is not the best documentary of the year.

Best Foreign Film

The Best Foreign Film category is even worse than the documentary category.  They left out some great films and nominated some garbage.  I would have loved to seen Rare Exports nominated.  It was one of the most original movies of the year.

There are my predictions.  Tell me what you think and don’t forget to tune in later tonight to see who takes home the big awards.

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  1. I am impressed!!! You made some great predictions. You never cease to amaze me!!

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