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U2 07/02/11 Vanderbilt Stadium – Nashville, TN

I must admit I was a little hesitant buying my tickets to see U2 in Nashville on July 2.  My wife and I are big fans of live music, but I am hesitant of concerts in football arena’s.  I think music is at its best in a small venue.  I am also not a fan of the high prices just to see one act live.  We choose to go to one festival a year where we pay almost the same price and get three full days of music.  I caved in and bought the tickets because I wanted my wife to be able to experience a U2 concert.  I had seen them in 2001 on the Elevation tour in Dallas, TX.  At times I was only a few feet from Bono, so I never believed I could top that experience of seeing U2.

Our seats were high in the stadium, but we were looking straight on at the left side of the stage.  Before the concert started I think everyone in the arena was impressed by the stage.  It was the width of the football stadium and extended more than 160 feet in the air.  We spotted the stage before we even got into the stadium.  It was visible as we toured downtown Nashville prior to the show.  When the show finally started I was blown away.  I remembered U2 as being an amazing live band, but had I really forgotten how good they were after 10 years?  Perhaps, or maybe I have matured in those 10 years and now have a deeper respect for their music and what they do.  U2 did what few bands are able to do.  They made a football stadium feel like a small venue.  The people sitting in the highest nose bleed seats were just as excited and were singing just as loud as those right next to the stage.  Bono, The Edge, Adam Clayton, and even Larry Mullen Jr. played to all sides of the arena singing and playing to everyone in attendance that night.

U2 is not your typical rock band.  There is something very special about them. They have a message to deliver and they believe deeply in that message. Many U2 songs reference scripture or contain Christian themes. Before playing Where the Streets Have No Name Bono led 50,000 fans in Amazing Grace. They had a preacher introduce their song One and they are advocates for social justice around the world, but especially in Africa.  Were there people in the arena that night who missed all of this because they were there simply to see a rock band?  Certainly there were, but for the rest of us it was an amazing experience to see one of the top bands in the world speak about the Christian faith.  U2 is kind of like C.S. Lewis’ fictional work.  There are people who have read the Chronicles of Narnia and have missed all the wonderful Christian themes within.  There are also people who have listened to U2 and have missed the beautiful Christian imagery, but for those of us with ears to hear we have been blessed as U2 have sung about the breaking in of the kingdom of light in a dark world.

“I believe in the kingdom come, then all the colors will bleed into one, bleed into one.” U2

At the very end of the show as U2 was walking off Bono spotted a man holding a sign that read “I am blind, but I can play.”  Bono pulled him on stage, sang a song with him, and then gave him his guitar.


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