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My Oscar Picks

Why is it so fun to discuss one’s picks for the Academy Awards? It’s probably because the Academy Awards usually get their nominations right, or at least they pick some really good movies and performances. They may not always give the award to the most deserving film, but they often recognize some of the best films by nominating them. This gives people and critics much to discuss and debate. I haven’t seen all the films and performances, but I’ve seen most of them, so here is my stab at who should and who will win at this year’s Oscars.

Best Picture

This year the best picture of 2011 was nominated, but it will probably not win. The best film of 2011 was easily The Tree of Life.  Nothing came close to the beauty and grandiose of this film. I recently watched it again and fell deeper in love with it. Rarely do we find a film that is willing to explore life, meaning, and loss at such a deep level. Christians should especially love this film for Mallick’s wonderful treatment of the subject of God and the Christian faith. It is a travesty that The Artist is likely to win the Oscar for Best Picture. The Artist is a good film, but it is nowhere near the quality of The Tree of Life. In 20 years people will still be discussing The Tree of Life, but The Artist will probably be forgotten. Although The Artist is a wonderful homage to the silent film era it is not without its faults. The whole idea of doing a silent film in the modern era seemed gimmicky the longer you watched the film. Some have also commented on the love story in the film, but it is a love story about a husband who is looking while he is still married to someone else. He, like many other recent characters in romantic movies coming out of Hollywood, only thinks about his emotions and his feelings. He does not consider the pain he causes others. He does not care about commitment. These characters are shallow and predictable. If the Academy wanted to pick a film that paid homage to the silent film era, a much better choice would be Hugo.

Best Director

Terrence Malick should win for The Tree of Life, but probably won’t because he is a recluse that has completely rejected the media and the Hollywood establishment. I’m guessing Martin Scorsese will win for Hugo and that is fine with me. Malick will not be at the Oscar’s and he probably cares very little about winning an award. Scorsese won best director for The Departed in 2007, but he should have won prior to that.

Best Actor

There are several great performances nominated for best actor, but Gary Oldman should win for his fantastic performance in Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy. Gary Oldman has been in some memorable roles, but he has never won an Oscar, and this is by far his best performance. Jean Dujardin will probably win for The Artist, but don’t count George Clooney out.

Best Actress

Viola Davis should win and will win for The Help.

Best Supporting Actor

This is another tough category. Christopher Plummer will probably win for Beginners, but I would like to see the Oscar go to Jonah Hill or Max Von Sydow, who were both brilliant in two very different performances.

Best Supporting Actress

Octavia Spencer will win and should win for The Help, but I also wouldn’t mind Melissa McCarthy winning just to hear her acceptance speech.

Best Original Screenplay

Woody Allen will win for Midnight in Paris, but Asghar Farhadi should win for his brilliant screenplay for A Separation.

Best Adapted Screenplay

The Descendants will win and should win.

Best Foreign Film

I have not seen all the nominees for best foreign film, but the ones I have seen are just as good if not better than most of the best picture nominees.  A Separation will win and should win. It’s a shame this film was not also nominated for best picture.

Best Original Score

One thing The Artist exceeded at was it’s score. It will win and should win.

Best Original Song

Man or Muppet will win and should win. There were lots of great original songs in movies this year, and it is pathetic the Academy could not choose more than two, but The Muppets was a really good film and it deserves to take home something.

Best Cinematography

The Tree of Life should win, but don’t be surprised if Hugo takes away the Oscar.

Best Art Direction

Hugo will win and should win.

Best Visual Effects

Harry Potter will win, but Rise of the Planet of the Apes should win.

There were some categories that I did not pick. I have not seen any of the short films this year, so I did not venture to give a guess. I also did not pick best documentary, because some of the best documentaries of 2011 were not even nominated. This is a category the Academy needs to improve on. I’m looking forward to this years Oscars and I hope you are too. I would love to hear your picks and what you think I got right and where you think I went wrong.


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