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Some Thoughts on Public Schools

More and more you are hearing about Christians choosing to homeschool their children, rather than send them to public school. This is an important decision, after all we want to do the best thing for our children. Let me first state that the Bible does not condemn or praise public school or home school. The decision on how to educate a child is the parent’s decision. My wife and I have decided to send our son to a public school when he reaches the appropriate age. Here are a few of my thoughts on why I believe in public schools, and how we can seek to make them better.

Our children need to learn how to live in the world. They need to learn how to face problems associated with peer pressure before they reach the age of 19. Parents should not separate their children from the world, but instead teach them to live as a Christian in the world. It’s important that we do not teach our children to separate themselves from the very people they should be trying to reach.

Developing social skills and learning to live in community is important. The school is not the church, but it is a community like the church. In school children will learn to interact with people of different backgrounds. They will have to learn how to get along with others. These skills will help them throughout life, as well as in the church. Living within a community (even a church community) is often hard to do. The earlier we develop these skills the better.

We can be a light within the public school system. I recently read an article (see link below) about a group of Christians who chose to live in a bad neighborhood, and chose to send their children to the schools in that neighborhood just so they could reach the people who needed them the most. Instead of running away from the things that scared them, these Christians embraced them and sought to change them. So far it has worked out well. These Christians have had a tremendous impact on the school and the community. We may not have the faith these Christians had, but we can do the same in our own communities. We can join the PTA, we can volunteer, and we can get involved at our child’s school.

Perhaps the most important thing about sending our children to public schools is to never forget our responsibility as parents. There may be some things the school teaches that you disagree with, and that’s ok. The school has a responsibility to educate our children, but we have the responsibility to instill in them a proper moral compass. If the school teaches your child something you disagree with, then take advantage of it and use it as a learning opportunity to teach your child right from wrong. Never neglect your responsibility as a parent to instill in your children the Biblical principles they so desperately need.

Here is a link to the article I referenced which appeared in Christianity Today. It is a great article all Christian parents should read. It will challenge everyone who reads it.

The New School Choice Agenda


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