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"What are you going to do with your new resurrected life? This is the heroic question." Richard Rohr

A Sermon on Jesus and Nonviolence

Here is an excellent sermon from my good friend, Matthew Dowling, on Jesus and nonviolence based upon Matt. 5:38-48. Matthew is a former Marine who is now working on his MDiv at Oklahoma Christian University. He is a great student of the word who offers some wonderful insights into the text. Nonviolence is a controversial subject, but we as Christians must wrestle with texts like Matt. 5:38-48 and Matt. 26:52. We must take the words of Jesus seriously, and strive to live by them whether they are popular or not. I hope you will take the time to watch Matthew’s sermon, and I hope you will do so with an open mind. Be challenged by what he says. If you disagree, do so based upon your study of Scripture, and not because of any other reason.

Matthew has also written about his experience preaching this sermon.  You can read those posts here.

Nonviolence and the Pews: Thoughts from a Former Marine

On the Care and Feeding of Enemies: A Sermon on Jesus and Nonviolence


2 Responses to “A Sermon on Jesus and Nonviolence”

  1. Scott, thank you for posting this. Matthew’s sermon was powerful, and the more so because of his personal experience as a marine. As a young, mennonite pastor of a church which includes many people who don’t agree with our church’s stated commitment to the life of peace, I have the biblical expertise to defend/explain my position, but not any military experience personally that I can draw from to underline my commitment to the way of peace. Matthew, thank you for your boldness and courage and clarity in this.

    • Thanks David! I struggle with the same issues as well. The Stone/Campbell movement of which I am a part has a rich history of pacifism, but sadly that is the minority position now.

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