Resurrected Living
"What are you going to do with your new resurrected life? This is the heroic question." Richard Rohr



Here are some links, resources, stories, etc. that I have found helpful.

A Preacher Goes to Sunday School

Check out this great post from my friend Shane Alexander entitled Teaching Children at Church. It is an interesting read about a minister who decides to give up his regular adult Bible class and teach the younger children in the church. This causes him to evaluate the curriculum the church uses and rethink how one should go about teaching the Bible to young children.

Focused on Worship

Here is A Personal Manifesto for Congregational Singing that I found to be extremely helpful. I printed copies of this manifesto last week and put it into our bulletin. I can become distracted during worship and this was a great reminder of the attitude and focus I need to bring with me to worship God.

What do You Talk About After Church?

I was moved by this article entitled Church Was Great! Let’s Not Talk About It. The author encourages Christians to think about the conversations we have immediately following worship services. He then goes on to challenge Christians to move beyond shallow conversations to deeper more spiritual conversations.


This Monday Eric Metaxas will be hosting a live 3 hour simulcast on Dietrich Bonhoeffer. There are options for individual, home, and church viewing. For more information you can check out the Bonhoeffer Tour with Eric Metaxas.

Dispatches for the Buckle

If you are not listening to Lee Camp’s podcast Dispatches from the Buckle, then you are truly missing out. This podcast is funny, intellectual, and entertaining. One minute you will be listening to bluegrass and the next you will be hearing an intellectual interview with a renowned theologian. Download it today!


If you watched the Oscars last week then you will want to check out this podcast from The Kindlings Muse on The Oscars: The Theologies of the 2013 Best Picture Nominations.

The Kid With a Bike

Good movies are hard to find and I found a great one this week. The Kid With a Bike would have never been made in Hollywood. It is a French film about grace and redemption. This movie should have won best foreign film over Amour.

Grace and the Eucharist

A sermon I adapted into an article was recently published at If you are interested in the connection between the Lord’s Supper and grace, then check out The Lord’s Supper: A Means of Grace.

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