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David Lipscomb on the Qualifications of Elders


The Holy Spirit has described the qualifications of elders in the first letter to Timothy and in that to Titus. None are perfect in their character. So none will have in perfection these qualifications laid down – that is, all will possess them in a human way.

When the Holy Spirit requires qualifications, he specifies them as they develop themselves and exist among men, not as they exist among angels. The man who expects perfection among men is an impractical visionary. God does not expect it. When he says they must be blameless, he means they are blameless as weak human beings.

Acknowledge your own and your fellow menʼs humanity, your liability to err; get clear of the foolish idea that men with faults and human weaknesses are unfitted for the service of God. He adapted his service to and for weak men liable to err. Be willing to confess your faults when you do err.

Quotations taken from Questions Answered by Lipscomb and Sewell
Edited by M.C. Kurfees and published by the Gospel Advocate in 1974


2 Responses to “David Lipscomb on the Qualifications of Elders”

  1. Thanks for this, Scott. We are about to start the elder and deacon selection process again. I’m going to pass this along in our bulletin.

    • I used these quotes for the same purpose about a year ago when we went through the selection process. I came across them again this week as I was doing some research on Lipscomb.

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