Resurrected Living
"What are you going to do with your new resurrected life? This is the heroic question." Richard Rohr



The Power of Forgiveness

I was moved by a powerful story of forgiveness that I found on Donald Miller’s Storyline blog. Justin Zoradi writes, “The gospel of forgiveness isn’t a high calling for the heroic individual, or a counter-cultural description of heavenly perfection. It is a principle central to the gospel itself – the very heart of our faith in which we are called to embody.” Check out This is What Forgiveness Looks Like


I’ve been reading Rowan Williams book The Lion’s World: A Journey into the Heart of Narnia. I was impressed by the following quote which I think speaks to the culture we live in.

“It is not true that large numbers of people reject Christian faith – if by ‘reject’ we mean that they deliberately consider and then decide against it. They are imperceptibly shunted towards a position where the ‘default setting’ is a conviction that traditional Christianity has nothing much to be said for it. People who have settled down in this position are not likely to be much moved by argument; they need to be surprised into a realization that they have never actually reckoned with what Christianity is about.” 

You can read more about The Lion’s World here.


Rachel Held Evans has written a moving post entitled Ashamed. She beautifully moves from the things she is ashamed of to the things she is not ashamed of. This post is both a reminder that we need to do better and a word of hope.

Christian Reflection from SXSW

I was able to spend some time at SXSW this week along with many others. Carl Flynn offers some thoughts on the conference from a Christian perspective. He takes on the critique that Christianity is anti-futurist.

Christians can remain optimistic. In fact, Christian faith can be determinately optimistic because of its confidence that the future is the Kingom of God. This determinite optimism, according to Thiel is the opposing cultural force to pessimistic indeterminism. Christian faith take this stance in the midst of culture while being absolutely realistic. Given Theil’s analysis, Christian faith may just be the best vantage point toward the future!

Check out Are Christians Essentially Ludite?

A Rock Star’s Social Critique

Jim James, lead singer of My Morning Jacket, had some harsh words for the internet and television this week at SXSW. He said of the Internet, “It’s like this horrible drug that we’re all super addicted to.” He went on to critique television by saying, “It’s a great illness that has fallen upon our society.” You can read more about his interview here. What do you think? Is his criticism fair?

Macklemore and Ryan Lewis

I was able to check out some new artists at SXSW. Macklemore and Ryan Lewis are a new rap group who are creating a lot of buzz. Macklemore is the rapper and Ryan Lewis is in charge of the music and producing. I was impressed by their song Wings which offers a critique of consumerism in America.

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