Resurrected Living
"What are you going to do with your new resurrected life? This is the heroic question." Richard Rohr



5 Non-Christian Witnesses to the Crucifixion

This article discusses why people on the left, right, and in the middle generally agree about the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus. Check out Is Good Friday a Myth?

Holy Saturday

John Mark Hicks wants to make sure that we do not forget about Holy Saturday. In this article he informs us about some of the practices in the 2nd century to celebrate this day. Many people celebrate Good Friday and Easter, but Holy Saturday has typically been ignored. John Mark wants us to remember the importance of all three days. He sums it all up here.

Today (Friday) we remember the death, tomorrow we sit at the grave, but on Sunday we are renewed by the hope of the resurrection.

Jesus walked that path and we follow him. We, too, will have our Friday, one day we will be entombed in a grave, and–by the grace and mercy of God–on that great day we will rise again to walk with Jesus upon the new heaven and new earth.

That is the meaning of Good Friday, Holy Saturday and Easter.

Check out Holy Saturday…Lest We Forget

Gimmicks at Easter

Here is a post from Eugene Cho that he wrote a year ago, but it is still a great read. Cho tells us why door prizes and other gimmicks at Easter, or any other time of the year, is not a good idea. Check out On giving away door prizes, pony rides, and gazillion eggs for Easter when the Gospel ought to be enough

Upcoming Challenges

10 Challenges Facing Us in the Next Decade is a must read. If you are concerned or interested about the future of the church, then stop what you are doing and read this article. RELEVANT magazine has interviewed church leaders, theologians, and authors about the future of Christianity and what needs to be done.

The Danger of Ayn Rand

Over the last few years the philosophy of Ayn Rand has become popular among conservatives, even though Rand was a devout atheist who worshiped money. Instead of having a cross or star of David placed near her casket, Rand had a six foot floral arrangement made into the shape of a dollar sign placed there. Here is an article from First Things about Ayn Rand’s hatred of C.S. Lewis. Check out Ayn Rand Really, Really Hated C.S. Lewis

How Do You Treat Visitors?

Here is a helpful little article on what a person can do to welcome visitors. Check out 6 Steps Toward Defining Moments

We’ve Created a Huge Mess!

This article from Tim Archer is spot on. So many Christians and non-Christians are pleading with the government to define marriage for us. Marriage should have nothing to do with the government. Marriage is a religious ceremony. The power to decide who should and shouldn’t get married should not be left up to the federal government or the state. It should be decided by local churches. Check out Putting divorce into the church’s hands

Should We Boycott Starbucks?

This is another must read from Dr. Richard D. Moore, president elect of the Southern Baptist Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission. When Christians hear about a company supporting gay marriage, abortion, or some other social issue their first response is often to boycott the company and write about it on Facebook and Twitter. Is this doing any good? Dr. Moore suggests this is not the best way to address these issues and I agree. He says,

…a boycott exposes us to all of our worst tendencies. Christians are tempted, again and again, to fight like the devil to please the Lord.

…we don’t persuade our neighbors by mimicking their angry power-protests. We persuade them by holding fast to the gospel, by explaining our increasingly odd view of marriage, and by serving the world and our neighbors around us, as our Lord does, with a towel and a foot-bucket.

With the confidence of those who have been vindicated by the resurrection of Christ, we don’t need to be vindicated by the culture. That ought to free us to speak openly about what we believe, but with the gentleness of those who have nothing to prove. Let’s not boycott our neighbors. Let’s not picket or scream or bellow. Let’s offer a cup of cold water, or maybe even a grande skinny vanilla latte, in Jesus’ name.

Check out Should Christians Boycott Starbucks?

Richard Rohr

This week I have been reading Richard Rohr’s book, Breathing Under Water. In this book Rohr looks at the 12 step program developed by Alcoholics Anonymous and identifies how it relates to the gospel. He believes that all sin is addiction and all people can benefit from this process of overcoming addiction (sin). I was particularly challenged by this statement from the introduction.

We are all spiritually powerless, however, and not just those physically addicted to a substance, which is why I address this book to everyone. Alcoholics just have their powerlessness visible for all to see. The rest of us disguise it in different ways, and overcompensate for our more hidden and subtle addictions and attachments, especially our addiction to our way of thinking.

We all take our pattern of thinking as normative, logical, and surely true, even when it does not fully compute. We keep doing the same thing over and over again, even if it is not working for us. That is the self-destructive, even “demonic,” nature of all addiction and of the mind, in particular. We think we are our thinking, and we even take that thinking as utterly “true,” which removes us at least two steps from reality itself. We really our own worst enemies, and salvation is primarily from ourselves. It seems that humans would rather die than change or admit they are mistaken.

You and Me

This week I have been listening to Sara Watkins latest album, Sun Midnight Sun. Sara and her brother Sean, along with Chris Thile, were the band Nickel Creek. Since they broke up they have all had impressive solo careers.

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