Resurrected Living
"What are you going to do with your new resurrected life? This is the heroic question." Richard Rohr



Hope in the Resurrection

Many Christians celebrated Easter last Sunday, but the Resurrection is something to be celebrated everyday. Here are two great posts that do just that.

In Resurrection Games Trevor Cox writes, “Resurrection comes not to divide, but to unite. Resurrection is for all things, all people, all places. And it shows up in places we don’t often suspect.”

In The World After Easter Brian Zahnd offers these thoughts.

God’s solution for a Creation marred by Sin and Death is not to abandon it, evacuate it, condemn it, or destroy it, but to remake it — to make it new again! This is what was inaugurated on Easter!

In the world after Easter the Spirit of Truth says, Imagine a world beyond violence, beyond war, beyond greed, beyond poverty, beyond disease, beyond exploitation, beyond the tyranny of economic self-interest, beyond the wreckage of ruthless competition…and move in that direction. Because that is the future!

Guest-Friendly Churches

What does a guest-friendly church look like? Thom S. Rainer offers his Ten Commandments for Guest-Friendly Church Members.

Roger Ebert

The great film critic Roger Ebert passed away this week. Many critics and film lovers are indebted to the genius of this man. I have read many tributes over the last few days, but here are some of the best. The second tribute, How I Believe in Roger Ebert, addresses Ebert’s Catholic faith which few tributes have done.

Roger Ebert: His Genius Was Never Making You Feel Stupid

How I Believe in Roger Ebert

Pacifism Within the Restoration Movement

As part of the restoration movement I find it sad that few people are aware of the pacifist beliefs held by many in the 1800’s and early 1900’s. Men such as Alexander Campbell, Barton Stone, Benjamin Franklin, Tolbert Fanning, David Lipscomb, James Harding, J.W. McGarvey, J.N. Shepard, and many others were all pacifists because they believed this is what the Bible taught. In Alexander Campbell, Tolbert Fanning, David Lipscomb: A Nineteenth-Century Anti-War Triumvirate Laurence Vance hopes to make more people aware of this fact.

How Do You Work?

In this great post by Jim Martin he gives us a sneak peek at what he does throughout the day. I find it helpful to see how other people work. Perhaps there is something they are doing that can benefit me. Check out Ministry Inside 114

Opening Day

In honor of opening day I started reading Baseball as a Road to God. I love all sports but I have always believed there is something special about baseball. Opening day seems more like a religious holiday than the beginning of a sports season, and Fenway has to be a sacred place. Many of my beliefs are confirmed in this book about baseball and God. I really loved Doris Kearns Goodwin’s reason why Boston won the World Series in 2004.

While reason suggests that Boston won the World Series because it had better pitching that St. Louis, I found in Sexton’s discussion of faith and doubt a far more interesting explanation. Faith and doubt, he argues, are at the core of both religion and baseball. For years, Red Sox fans had been consumed with doubt and darkness. For years, the players had shared “the institutional memory” of losing seasons. After the miraculous comeback against the Yankees, however, the team played like boys – high spirited, fun-loving, confident boys, enjoying every minute of the game. They believed so strongly in themselves that they cast a spell upon us, and once we truly believed in them, our belief redoubled their strength. Whatever happened, we had faith they would see us through.

John Mark McMillian

This CD has been playing on repeat in my car all week.

One Response to “Musings”

  1. Too many of us live in the world, day to day, as if we had no resurrection faith. Thankfully, there have been some bright exceptions like Charles Spurgeon who clearly spoke to what that faith looks like.

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