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A Prayer by J.N. Armstrong


J.N. Armstrong was the first president of Harding University and the son-in-law of James A. Harding. He believed that Christians were not to participate in war. He made statements like, “To hate our enemies only hurts us” and “We cannot join in the hating, the bitterness, but must keep the spirit of Christ, and try to heal the wounds of the world in the love of men.” In an article from the Firm Foundation entitled “Lest We Forget” he wrote,

We are sojourners and pilgrims, strangers on our way home…So we Christians are not in the war; it is not our war. We are not on either side, any more than we should be, if we were Citizens of Germany…In neither country is the Christian in the war. If faithful to his Lord, he cannot partake or share in the hating, the starving of men, women, and children, the bombing, the killing, the murdering, and all the other wicked works that are essential to war. But the distinct mission of the Christian is to be “the light to the world,” and to love even “your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them that despitefully use you and persecute you; that you may be sons of your father who is in heaven.”

The following is a prayer Armstrong gave during WWII.

With shamed faces we would confess before Thee our nation’s mutual share in the universal guilt that has issued in the current horror that engulfs the world…In this dread hour of the world’s crucial agony and woe, we turn again to Thee, O God, for comfort, for strength, and for direction. O Thou Spirit of infinite wisdom and love and might, overrule for good, we pray Thee, all the hatreds and horrors, all the evil and selfish designs that flare and flame in war…Reveal to us our guilt and call us to repentance, forgiveness, and reconciliation. O God, with whom are the issues of every human conflict, hasten the triumph of the right. Set in motion those unseen forces which will fulfill Thy purposes of grace for the world.

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