Resurrected Living
"What are you going to do with your new resurrected life? This is the heroic question." Richard Rohr

Mother India


Mother India is a powerful and moving short film about two Americans who travel to India to see what life is like for the 31 million orphans living in that country. These two men meet a group of 25 homeless orphans who are living as a family unit behind a train station and begging for money. The story of each individual is heartbreaking. The film allows the viewer to see firsthand what life is like for an orphan living on the streets of India. These poor souls are broken, bruised, and injured, but they have not lost hope. Although they live in terrible conditions and have little to eat, they still enjoy life and have dreams of a bright future.

I was blessed to get to travel to India in 2008. I met orphans just like the ones in this film. Mother India would be a great film to show to a church group or to watch as a family. It is only 49 minutes long and in that short period of time you will be moved to want to help the many orphaned children in India and other parts of the world. We can make a difference if we decide to do something. Mother India does not just give the viewer a picture of what life is like for orphaned children, it encourages people to get involved. I hope you will take the time to view this film, and I hope you will look for ways to help people who are suffering all over the world.

You can purchase Mother India on Amazon.

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  1. Did you hear about the collapse of a hospital wing at Kasturba Gandhi Hospital in Bhopal, India yesterday? I posted a prayer for all those involved on my site. I’d love it I’d you’d pray it too! And spread the word too?! The more the prayers are heard by The Lord, the more His will be done.

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