Resurrected Living
"What are you going to do with your new resurrected life? This is the heroic question." Richard Rohr



The Dangers of Fear

Terry Briley has written an excellent post on the dangers of fear and how fear in our life can keep us from following Jesus. He says,

Fearing others produces deadly consequences. Fear plays to our most basic, self-serving nature and inhibits our ability to think and act reasonably. It often leads to hatred. We can’t love our enemies if we fear them.

Check out The Price of Fear Is Too High

How Old is the Bible?

Is the Bible as old as it claims to be? Benjamin Williams provides some great evidence in favor of claims found within the Bible. If you are interested in archaeology, ancient history, and Biblical texts, then check out Hebrew Shard From the Time of David

A Kingdom Story

Here is a powerful story of transformation that took place on the streets of Rwanda. Bishop was a young man who gave his life to Satan before finding God. This is a story about the breaking in of the Kingdom in our lives. Chris Shelby writes,

That’s the way of the Kingdom. It waits for willing hosts to take up home in them. It changes them rapidly and slowly and then uses them as an incredible outlet to unleash itself on the world. The Kingdom’s true goal is not to make good people or nice people or decent people. The Kingdom’s goal is to radically recreate people who then partner with God to recreate the world. It is a reclamation process of an entire human and an entire humanity.

Check out I Prayed to Satan

The Sin of Excess

Jason Todd has written an outstanding article on gluttony and excess and how we can redirect our desire for more into something positive. He suggests that gluttony is something we all probably wrestle with. He defines this rarely mentioned sin in the following way. “At its simplest, gluttony is the soul’s addiction to excess. It occurs when taste overrules hunger, when want outweighs need.” Check out The Socially Acceptable Sin

Practicing the Golden Rule

In the wake of the recent tragedy in Boston how should we treat our Muslim neighbors? This is an honest and serious question. This is a question Jesus wants us to think about. K. Rex Butts has provided some great thoughts on this subject. Check out The Golden Rule and Our Muslim Neighbors

Christianity and Culture

Because we live in a culture that in some ways is becoming more secular we sometimes read stories about religious rights being taken away. Sometimes this is serious and sometimes it is not. This week I came across two stories with this theme. The first was a story about Bible verses being taken off of U.S. Army scopes and rifles. This news should not have bothered Christians at all, but the article went viral and many Christians shared it on the internet. Alan Noble has done a great job of cutting through the mess and getting to the heart of the issue. Check out Citizenship Confusion: Do We Need the Word of God on Our Guns?

A second story that was not shared nearly as much was a story about Catholic priests being denied access to victims of the Boston bombings. This story should have been reported more, and should be of great concern to all Christians. First responders, paramedics, and doctors should be given top priority in tragedies, but clergy should also have access to victims especially if it is something the victim requests. To read the full report check out At Boston’s bombing scene: Catholic priests need not apply

Coffee Shop Workers

If you frequent coffee shops like I do, you may enjoy this piece by Tim Schraeder on 8 Coffee Shop Tips For Remote Workers

Steve Martin and Edie Brickell

This week I have been listening to the lovely new album by Steve Martin and Edie Brickell. Lately, Steve Martin has turned from focusing on comedy to devote most of his time to playing the banjo. He has made some great bluegrass records with the Steep Mountain Rangers, but this album goes beyond bluegrass. It is a banjo and voice album. Steve Martin’s talented banjo playing and Edie Brickell’s soothing voice and song lyrics are the focus of this album. If you like good music, then I would encourage you to take a listen.

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