Resurrected Living
"What are you going to do with your new resurrected life? This is the heroic question." Richard Rohr



Finding the Good Stuff: A Tribute to Dallas Willard

The world lost an amazing Christian writer this week in Dallas Willard. Willard has challenged numerous Christians over the years to take discipleship and being a Christian seriously. Many tributes to Willard have been written this week. I enjoyed this one by Brian Zahnd. Check out The Divine Conspirator: My Dallas Willard Story

The Importance of Hearing the Word Well

In And I have a hunch all the preachers will say “Amen” to this one Sara G. Barton looks to the importance of listening to sermons as a way of solving some of the post-modern problems we face. She puts forth the idea that hearers of a sermon are just as important as the preacher. She says,

Hearers of a sermon are so much more than consumers who get what they pay for or audience members who demand good entertainment. Hearers of sermons are participants, and I think emphasizing the role of the hearer in the sermon could actually help us address postmodern challenges better than making sure our preachers are young, cool, and hip.

What is Christianity?

Listen to Stanley Hauerwas define what it means to be a Christian. Check out Stanley Hauerwas reluctantly defines Christianity

Porn Rewires Your Brain, No Really

Check out this great video on Why Porn Is Addicting: The Science of Pornography Addiction

The Danger of Porn

Here is another article on the dangers of porn and what a person can do about it. In this article from The Wall Street Journal Holly Finn writes,

Countless studies connect porn with a new and negative attitude to intimate relationships, and neurological imaging confirms it. Susan Fiske, professor of psychology at Princeton University, used MRI scans in 2010 to analyze men watching porn. Afterward, brain activity revealed, they looked at women more as objects than as people.

Check out Online Pornography’s Effects, and a New Way to Fight Them

The Cost of Cheap Clothes

This week the death toll in Bangladesh surpassed 1,000 individuals. People in the West demand cheap products, but many of us do not understand the high price that is paid for cheap labor. In Bangladesh factory collapse: Who really pays for our cheap clothes? Anna McMullen examines the tragedy in Bangladesh and what it has to do with our demand for cheap clothing.

Patty Griffin

Patty Griffin’s new album American Kid came out this week and it is excellent. If you are not familiar with Griffin, you need to be. She is an amazing songwriter with a beautiful voice. The album is a mix of folk, blues, and Americana. Check out the video of Ohio below. The guy singing backgrounds isn’t too bad either.

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