Resurrected Living
"What are you going to do with your new resurrected life? This is the heroic question." Richard Rohr



Think Before You Speak

Shane Alexander does a great job of calling all ministers to think before they speak in the midst of a tragedy. This kind of thing happens all the time. Just this week I was listening to a pastor being interviewed whose church was right next to the elementary school that was destroyed. The church was left untouched and when asked about this the pastor said, “We truly believe it was the hand of God protecting us.” I immediately thought about the parents of the seven children who lost their life in the elementary school. I wonder how they feel about a statement like this. I thought if God was protecting the church, then why not the children. The fact is this pastor should have never made this comment. It was a stupid thing to say and hopefully it was just an off the cuff remark. We would all do good to read Shane’s post on Think Twice Before Speaking for God, Please! and take what he says to heart.

Theology for 9 Year Olds

Mark Woodward has written a good piece on how we can discuss tragedies like the one in Oklahoma with our kids and grand-kids. He does this in the form of a letter he writes to his grandchildren. If you have children who are asking questions about the recent tragedy, then check out A Letter To the Grandkids: On Tornadoes

Advice for Ministers from Dallas Willard

Here is an excellent video by Dallas Willard on how ministers are to be disciples of Jesus. Check out Dallas Willard: A Call To Leaders

Francis of Assisi 

Ian Morgan Cron has written a very good piece on Francis of Assisi and suggests 5 things Francis would tell us today. Check out Who is the most incredible Christian ever? A lengthier article on Francis appeared in The New Yorker in January. It was entitled Rich Man, Poor Man

A Challenge to Meticulous Sovereignty

Scot McKnight has written a new e-book in which he challenges such ideas as meticulous sovereignty and double predestination. He writes,

It’s morally despicable for God to create humans only to send them to hell because he did not choose them, when they could do nothing about it, and that this somehow glorifies him.

Check out A Long Faithfulness: Preface and if you enjoy what you read or are challenged by it download his e-book and keep on reading.

Graduation is Upon Us

It is that time of year again when high school and college seniors are putting on their gowns and walking up the steps to accept their diplomas. I always try and listen to a commencement speech or two every year. These speeches can be entertaining, educational, motivational, and sometimes just downright boring. Since I only listen to a couple a year I try and choose good ones. Here is one of the good ones from this year. Check out John Green – 2013 Commencement Speech at Butler University

John Fullbright

Last week I was blessed to get to see Grammy nominee John Fullbright at our little listening room in La Grange, TX. I have seen John a couple of times and he is truly amazing. He is a talented singer-songwriter from Oklahoma who is just getting started. I am always impressed when I see him because he always has new songs that he is willing to play and they are great. If you enjoy Americana music then check out John Fullbright.

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  1. John Fullbright performs Jericho for The Line of Best Fit, great thank you!!

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