Resurrected Living
"What are you going to do with your new resurrected life? This is the heroic question." Richard Rohr



Scot McKnight’s Thoughts on Baptism

Scot McKnight published an interesting post this week on the subject of baptism. In it he examines the importance of baptism in the early church and points out passages in the Bible that connect baptism to repentance and forgiveness. He writes,

The early church carried on this practice — it was a baptismal movement. Converts were baptized; the unbaptized were not converts. Baptism marked the transition from world to church.

Check out Waters of Division

The Importance of Church Attendance

Every congregation has members that are hit and miss. Some of these families are faithful members but they fill up their lives with other activities. How does a minister or congregation approach this sensitive subject? Trevin Wax offers some helpful suggestions. He writes the following about the importance of attending worship services,

It’s not just the content you receive every week that is so formative; it’s the act of being together and making the Lord’s family your priority. It’s similar to a family that gathers every evening for a meal. The value is not in the specifics of your conversation, but the very act of demonstrating your love for each other.

Check out Are You a Part-Time Churchgoer?

The Little Things Make All the Difference in the World

This week I came across this incredible story about a stranger at a ballpark who went above and beyond. As Christians there are all kinds of little things we can do to make someone’s day. Sarah Kooiman reminds us,

It can be so easy to forget sometimes how small acts of kindness can have such a huge impact on our fellow humans. Holding open a door, offering a seat on a bus or subway, paying for a stranger’s coffee. All teeny little choices that can become a bright spot in an otherwise difficult day.

Check out The Mystery Man at Miller Park

Happy Birthday Wendell Berry!

This week was Wendell Berry’s birthday and Dr. Russell Moore shared a post where he explains why a person should read good fiction like Wendell Berry’s Hannah Coulter. Check out Why You Should Read Hannah Coulter

Valerie June

Valerie June is an upcoming artist who will release a new album this week. You can listen to her soulful new album right now on NPR. She is scheduled to play Austin City Limits music festival this fall and I expect big things to come from this incredible new artist. Check out her SXSW performance of This World is Not My Home.


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