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Praying for Teachers, Parents, & Students


This week many people will go back to school. Some will begin the new adventure of starting college, while others are finishing their last year of high school. Some students are just entering elementary school and have many years ahead of them. Some teachers will return to school having practiced this routine many times before. School is an important part of many people’s lives. One of the best things our country does is provide every child with an education. School is important. It is formational. It prepares our children for the next step in their life.

As the school year begins we need to be praying for children, parents, teachers, school administrators, and staff.

I am so thankful for all the many great teachers in our schools. Teaching is a calling. It is not something a person does for a paycheck. It is something someone does because they love children and they know they can make a difference in their lives. A teacher may not be allowed to teach the Bible in public school, but they can certainly be a faithful Christian example to the children in their classroom. Day in and day out they are given the opportunity to model Christian characteristics to children who are watching, listening, and paying attention.

Parents must realize that they have a responsibility to be an educator as well. Long before a child enters school they are learning from their parents. There are some things our children will not learn in school and we must pick up the slack. It is our responsibility to teach our children morals, good behavior, and the Bible. Schools will teach our children reading, writing, and arithmetic, but these things are no good to a student unless they possess Biblical wisdom and a good moral compass. This places a heavy burden on parents who work and are busy running their children back and forth to school and other activities. The parents of school age children need to constantly be in our prayers.

School can be a difficult and dangerous place for some kids. We send our children off to school and we expect them to face the same temptations we sometimes face as adults. School is not only a place where our children learn the fundamentals of education; it is also a place where they learn to live in the world. There are bullies in school just as there are in the world. There are students in school who use foul language, experiment with drugs and alcohol, practice sex outside of marriage, steal, cheat, and lie. Children are expected to grow up quick and it is more difficult for students who are striving to live a moral life and cling to Christian values. We must pray for our children. We must pray that they do not give into the temptations of the world and that they are able to be a positive influence to their fellow students.

May God bless our teachers, parents, children, school administrators, and staff. May God watch over them, protect them, and use them to bring glory to His Kingdom.

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