Resurrected Living
"What are you going to do with your new resurrected life? This is the heroic question." Richard Rohr



Children & Worship

Jamie Bruesehoff has written an excellent post on the importance of children in worship. She wonderfully details the struggle parents have wrestling with their children throughout worship, but then contrasts that with the blessings of having children in worship. We live in a culture that constantly wants to entertain children and send them out of worship, but Jamie Bruesehoff sees much value in having our children present in worship with us. She writes,

It matters that they learn that worship is what we do as a community of faith, that everyone is welcome, that their worship matters. When we teach children that their worship matters, we teach them that they are enough right here and right now as members of the church community. They don’t need to wait until they can believe, pray or worship a certain way to be welcome here, and I know adults who are still looking to be shown that. It matters that children learn that they are an integral part of this church, that their prayers, their songs, and even their badly (or perfectly-timed, depending on who you ask) cries and whines are a joyful noise because it means they are present.

Check out Dear Parents With Children in Church

On Tribalism and Football

Diane Roberts has written an outstanding article in the Oxford American on tribalism and football. She examines the sport of football and its rabid fan base in the South. It is elevated to a place in people’s lives generally reserved for religion. Serious fans will even resort to occasional violence to defend the honor of their team. She writes,

Americans from San Diego to Bangor like to identify with the redemptive violence, the heroism, of the eleven clean-limbed young warriors fighting for us on the gridiron. Everyone craves pageant and ceremony, and college football abounds with pageant and ceremony: rock-slapping, toast-throwing, pig-calling, baton-twirling, fight song-singing, heraldic color-wearing, icon-bearing—surely those toilet paper rolls affixed to the tops of Tide detergent boxes are like the holy images carried before an army. In the South, where it is natural to belong to the “Auburn Family,” the “Wolfpack,” the “Gator Nation,” the cultural undertow of college football is especially strong.

Check out Game of Tribes

Negative Opinions

Benjamin Neeley has written a helpful post on examining the negative opinions we often hold. He writes, “The easiest opinion to have is a negative one, but easy opinions are rarely correct opinions.” Check out A Negative Opinion

September 11

Recently we remembered the anniversary of Sept. 11. Many bloggers reflected on the importance of this anniversary and I found several of these posts helpful. Sean Palmer reflected on Rom. 12 and called us to love our neighbor and to live a life of peace. Check out Living At Peace. On the Tokens Blog Lee Camp shared a prayer that he prayed in chapel at Lipscomb University on Sept. 11, 2001. He prayed,

Keep us Lord, from being drawn into the way of the Kingdoms of this world. Remind us today that our identity is found in Christ, and Christ alone. Help us to seek to understand and enter into the pain of all peoples, regardless of nationality or creed or religion, regardless of skin color or ethnicity. Help us to speak as ambassadors of Christ, as ambassadors of the ministry of reconciliation to which you called us in our baptism, as ambassadors of the weak and lowly Christ who was crucified for the sins of the world, for the sins of this day; and grant that we might not crucify him afresh, through our own sins, our own hatred, our own enmity.

Read the full prayer here

Shovels & Rope

Every year I attend Austin City Limits Music Festival in October. It is a great opportunity to hear a bunch of good music in three days. One of the bands I am looking forward to seeing this year is Shovels & Rope. Here is one of my favorite songs from this incredible duo who specialize in Americana music.


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