Resurrected Living
"What are you going to do with your new resurrected life? This is the heroic question." Richard Rohr



A Conversation With Eugene Peterson 

Jonathan Merritt recently interviewed Eugene Peterson who will turn 81 in November. Peterson discusses being a minister/pastor, the consumer culture, spiritual theology, and much more. When asked about what someone who desires a “deeper and more authentic discipleship” should do, this is the advice he gives,

Go to the nearest smallest church and commit yourself to being there for 6 months. If it doesn’t work out, find somewhere else. But don’t look for programs, don’t look for entertainment, and don’t look for a great preacher. A Christian congregation is not a glamorous place, not a romantic place.

Some people will immediately dismiss this advice, but I think Peterson understands how much Christianity has been affected by consumerism and he is calling us all to a deeper discipleship, one that is molded by Scripture instead of our culture. Check out Faithful to the End: An Interview With Eugene Peterson

Overwhelmed With the Problems of the World

Lee Camp has written a wonderful brief essay on how one goes forward when there is so much around us to worry about. This is a real problem. I have witnessed people who have become paralyzed by the daily news cycle, so much so, that it becomes difficult for them to function in real life. They are so drawn into the problems of the world that they ignore the real people in their midst. At times this can happen to the best of us. Lee gives us the following advice,

If, in fact, the crucified Christ is raised, then it is possible for me, for us, to proclaim that, yes, we know—we know life is hard, that the brokenness of our lives is inescapable and fundamental, and yes, we know that the Trail of Tears is not just a sorry path from North Carolina to Oklahoma, but that in fact the whole sorry journey from east of Eden to last week’s Syria is one grievous, harrowing trail of tears, a path to which there seems no end—if in fact the crucified Christ is raised then we can say that yes, we know all about those old inescapable, overwhelming facts that become too much for our psyches to bear, but we can say too that there has broken into human history a new fact, the fact patient suffering love has been, after all, victorious; that death has been taken captive; and that kindness and mercy, are, in actual and new fact, the only way forward, or, at least, the only way forward if we want to get very far.

Check out On War, Parenting, Joy, and Resurrection

An Example To Us All

I doubt you are going to find a better story than this one anytime soon. A nine year old boy reaches out to a local news channel and becomes an example to us all. You just have to watch it for yourself. Check out Young Boy Reaches Out to News 9 For Help

Don Jon

I watch a lot of movies, probably too many. I review films for RELEVANT Magazine and I occasionally post reviews to this blog. I am intrigued by films that challenge us. Often these films address current issues within culture. They can cause us to examine our actions and think about what we are doing. I have seen a couple of previews for Don Jon and I must admit I am intrigued by a film that addresses the huge problem of pornography in our culture, but I am also a little leery because I do not want to sit through a film that is full of nudity and objectifies women. From what I have read I think this is a movie most Christians should avoid, but I was impressed with a review by Jackson Cuidon in Christianity Today. It is one of the best reviews of a film I have read in a long while. Whether you plan on seeing the movie or not check out Don Jon

Over the Rhine

There has been so much good music released lately that it is hard to keep up with it all. I have recently been listening to the new album from Over the Rhine. This group has somewhat flown under the radar even though they have been putting out quality music for over 20 years. Their new album Meet Me at the Edge of the World does not disappoint. Here is the title track from that album.

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