Resurrected Living
"What are you going to do with your new resurrected life? This is the heroic question." Richard Rohr

The Importance of Conversations


Part of being human is having conversations and part of living in community is conversing with one another. The conversations we have matter. Most of us cannot go a day without having a conversation, but what kind of conversations are we having? What are they about? What is the content of these conversations? We have conversations about family, work, and other parts of our daily lives. We have conversations with friends and coworkers. These conversations are often about entertainment, sports, hobbies, or other activities we enjoy. It is great to have friends and conversations about things we like, but how often do these conversations go deeper? We not only need to have leisurely conversations, but we also need to have meaningful conversations. We need to be having conversations about people and their lives. We need to invest in others. We also need to be having conversations about things that matter. Conversations about TV shows or football are nice, but they do not matter in the grand scheme of things. On occasion we need to discuss spiritual matters and other things of great importance with other human beings.

Being a Christian means we must contemplate the conversations we have. Jesus had conversations. He had conversations with people who were hurting and people who were seeking something more. The conversations he had with others often challenged these individuals to consider their life or their beliefs. Jesus took an interest in people. He ate with people that the religious authorities and others ignored. He listened. He paid attention. Some of these individuals probably felt as if they were invisible, but in the presence of Jesus they knew they were being seen and heard. People’s lives changed and this often began with a conversation. Conversations were important in the ministry of Jesus and they continue to be today.

I am afraid that we have less conversations than people did sixty or seventy years ago. We are distracted by television, sports, the internet, social media, and many other things. We have many more distractions in our lives and this leads to fewer conversations. These things are not all bad. In some ways they have simply changed the way we converse. People now converse with others from all over the globe on social media. There are good conversations that happen on Facebook and Twitter that would not have been possible twenty years ago. Still, it is important that we have meaningful face to face conversations with others. It is important that we do not allow entertainment or technology to distract us from other human beings. We now live in a world where people feel as though they are invisible because a person will not put down their phone or turn off the TV. When we converse with others it is important that they feel as though they are seen and heard. We must seek to give the same impression Jesus gave. People are important! We must also seek to have meaningful conversations about things that matter. It is not enough to just talk sports or the weather. These conversations are nice, but they do not change people’s lives. We must seek to reach people on a deeper level. Conversations are of upmost importance. Without meaningful and engaging conversations we will never become the community God wants us to be, nor impact the world as he would have us to do.

May we seek to have conversations where we truly listen to others so that they understand they have been heard, and may we seek to engage people about their lives, thoughts, and other things that matter.

2 Responses to “The Importance of Conversations”

  1. I think this means we need to have another conversation, Scott. Maybe over coffee?

  2. Sounds good Larry! I’ll send you an e-mail.

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