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Should We Celebrate the Super Bowl?


Something strange happened to me on Friday. Twice during the day someone said to me, “Have a Happy Super Bowl weekend.” I was kind of taken aback. I wasn’t aware Super Bowl weekend had become an official holiday. I didn’t know what to say. How are you supposed to respond? Should you say something like, “Happy viewing! I hope your TV is large and your chip bowl is plentiful.” or maybe you should just wish them a “Merry Pigskin Day”?

I thought maybe this was just a fluke thing, but then on the day before the big game (I guess this would be Super Bowl eve) my wife and I had to venture out to the grocery store. The entire parking lot was full. I was ready to turn around and go back home, but my wife insisted we press on. I reminded myself of the words God spoke to Joshua, “Be strong and courageous…” Once we got into the store it was a madhouse. People were everywhere. They were filling their carts. It looked like the supermarket version of Black Friday. It was evident what they were preparing for. The vast majority were picking up items for a Super Bowl party. I thought to myself, “Could it be?  Has Super Bowl weekend really turned into a national holiday?”

Of course I say some of this in jest, but I did begin to contemplate what is worthy of celebration and praise and what is not. For the most part our country has done an admirable job of choosing what is praiseworthy. We celebrate Jesus on Christmas and Easter. We set aside a day in November to be thankful. We celebrate family on Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. We remember those who have made great sacrifices on Memorial Day. We honor a preacher who bravely fought for social justice on Martin Luther King Jr. Day. Although each of these is not equal, I think most would agree that they are all praiseworthy. We praise God, family, sacrifice, and justice.

So, what about football? I love football, especially college football. I think it is the 2nd greatest sport ever evented. Baseball still reigns supreme! When one of my teams is playing I get excited. I yell at the TV, even though I know they cannot hear me. I get into it just like everyone else. Football is great, but it is not holiday material. It is not worthy of celebration in the same way God is. It is not a great virtue or a principle we built our nation upon. Football is a sport. It is entertainment. It is a great sport, and it is one of the most entertaining things on TV, but it is still just that.

I hope you enjoy the game. I hope your team wins (I’ll be rooting for the Broncos). I hope you have fun watching the game with your friends. I hope you have a great day, but I won’t be wishing you a “Happy Super Bowl weekend” anytime soon. I’m good with the holidays we have and the things we celebrate. I’m not ready to elevate sports and entertainment to the level of praise and celebration just yet. At the end of the day it is just a game, and perhaps if more people would remember this, we would be better off.

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