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The Lego Movie


The Lego Movie is one of the most funny and entertaining movies to come out in a long time. It is completely fresh and original. It is a film like you have never seen before. The film stays true to the spirit of Legos. The characters and action all move according to how Legos are supposed to move. If something explodes, then thousands of tiny Legos come bursting forth. If there is a stream of water, then thousands of tiny blue Legos flow like water. The visuals are truly amazing. Anyone who has grown up putting together these small bricks that entertain for hours will find it hard to take their eyes off the screen.

Not only does The Lego Movie keep the viewer’s attention with eye popping visuals, but it also introduces multiple worlds. I don’t know of another movie that can do this and do it well. It feels perfectly natural for the characters in this movie to be in a city one moment and the Wild West the next. It also doesn’t feel strange to mix characters from history, comic books, movies, and sports. In any other film one might question why Abraham Lincoln and one of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are in the same scene, but in this movie it works and it makes it very entertaining. One of the best scenes in the movie involves a cameo appearance from a few of the main characters in Star Wars.

The story revolves around Emmet Brickowoski (Chris Pratt), an average ordinary Lego man. Emmet does everything by the book. He does not veer off the path one bit. One day as Emmet is leaving work he meets Wyldstyle (Elizabeth Banks) who is on the construction sight, which is off limits. This sets off a chain of events that will take you places you cannot imagine. Emmet, the ordinary average Lego man, learns he is the special. He is only one that can save the Lego universe from Lord Business (Will Ferrell) and his evil helper Bad Cop (Liam Neeson).

The Lego Movie is highly entertaining. There are lots of laughs. It is full of great one liners. It is visually appealing. The story and the layout of the film keep the viewer engaged, but this is also a film with purpose. The story is about how a man, whom most people view as ordinary and average, becomes something more. This is a great lesson, especially for children, but perhaps the most important lesson in the film is for adults. The Lego Movie is a reminder of the magic, wonder, and imagination that we experience as children, but often lose later on. It reminds parents in more than one way of the importance of spending time with your children and connecting with them on their level. The Lego Movie is a great movie for children and adults alike. It entertains on multiple levels, and it has lessons for both young and old. This is a hard thing to do, but The Lego Movie has succeeded in giving us a film for all ages.

The anthem of The Lego Movie is a song entitled “Everything is Awesome” (Warning: You and your children will be singing this catchy tune for days to come). I could not say it better myself. Everything is awesome, including this film!

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