Resurrected Living
"What are you going to do with your new resurrected life? This is the heroic question." Richard Rohr

Letters To My Children


Dear Children,

I wish you lived in a world full of grace. I wish you lived in a world where people were always kind, merciful, and treated people better than they deserve. Sadly, this is not the case and if you haven’t learned this already, then you will soon. This world is harsh and unkind. It will mistreat you and hurt you and for that I am sorry. When this world shatters your hopes and dreams I hope that I am able to be there for you to help pick up all the broken pieces. Don’t get discouraged. This is simply what it is like to live in a fallen world. Sin has corrupted God’s good creation and we now live in a world void of grace.

Even though you live in a world that is lacking grace this is not an excuse to become calloused or to be ungraceful to others. Do not allow the world to corrupt you and make you harsh. If you become hardened and choose to fight back against the world, then the world loses and you lose also. What the world needs is grace. When you choose the way of grace, you choose the way of Jesus. Grace is the only thing that has the ability to change the world. Force and hate will not change people’s hearts. They only perpetuate the lack of grace that is already in the world. When God wants to change the world he does so by the power of grace.

Grace may not seem powerful. It often does not feel like the natural thing to do. Grace is something you must practice and work on. It is a way of life you must choose over and over again. The way of grace is not easy. Jesus chose grace and he was despised and rejected by many. He showed kindness and mercy and he was hated for it. Jesus used grace to tear down walls that had been erected by others. The grace Jesus showed made some people angry, but it also touched the lives of many people. People on the margins of society turned to Jesus because he offered them mercy and grace. He listened to people who were being ignored. He shared a meal with people who were used to being told they are unworthy and unclean. He healed people who were told they deserved their sickness because of their sinfulness. Jesus’ ministry abounded in grace.

Jesus changed the world and he showed us how to do so also. It all begins with grace. If people hate you and despise you, don’t get mad. Show them grace. If someone is being ignored or mistreated by society, don’t join in with the crowd. Show them grace. If you meet a stranger on the street, then show them some kindness and grace. You never know where grace will take you, but you can be sure about one thing. Grace will change you and it will change all the people around you. Grace is powerful. Grace has the ability to cause lasting change. I am sorry there is not more grace in this world, but you can do something about it. You can choose grace and you can change the world for the better.



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