Resurrected Living
"What are you going to do with your new resurrected life? This is the heroic question." Richard Rohr



What Color is Your Church?

Sean Palmer nails race relations within the church. If you read one thing this week, make sure this is it. He writes,

Christians have known for a long time that Sunday morning at 10:00am is the most segregated hour of the week, but curiously, we do, or care, little about it.  In part, we don’t know what to do about race. There is a soothing lie, which we either collectively believe or have fallen under the mass delusion of. That lie? Culture and cultural differences are greater forces than the gospel.

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Sound Doctrine

Michael Whitworth tackles the problem of “sound doctrine.” This is a phrase found in Scripture, but some use it as code words to mark anyone who disagrees with them on even the smallest issue. Michael calls us back to the original meaning of this phrase and cautions us to be healthy in all our teaching and behavior. He writes,

At its core, “sound doctrine” simply means “healthy teaching,” i.e. a body of instruction that leads to the full, abundant life Jesus spoke about (John 10:10). Any other form of teaching only steals, kills, and destroys. Too often, I have seen “sound doctrine” steal, kill, and destroy. So it wasn’t too “sound” or healthy after all.

Check out The False Doctrine of Sound Doctrine

Kid President

If you are like me, then you are a fan of kid president and his viral videos. The Christian Chronicle has an outstanding article on the story behind kid president and the couple who chose to adopt him and his sister even though they both had a genetic bone disorder. This article also highlights the power of social media and how can be used as a tool for accomplishing much good.

Check out ‘They Truly Have Unbreakable Spirits’

Victoria Osteen and Telling the Truth

The internet has been abuzz after Victoria Osteen made some outlandish comments concerning worship. Although I completely disagree with what she said, I have refrained from weighing in on the barrage of posts that followed. I agreed with most of what I read, but I’m not sure what good all of it did. When it comes to social media I think it is best to be “slow to speak” about many topics. That being said, I believe Zack Hunt has given us one of the best analysis of the events and what followed. Zack believes the facade is being lifted on American Christianity and he calls us back to the Jesus of the Bible. He writes,

Sure, we’ll quote a few verses, wear a wristband, maybe even a t-shirt, and shout from the heavens that we love Jesus with all our hearts, but when it comes to doing all that turning the other cheek, putting others first, caring for the poor, embracing the marginalized, and loving our enemies rather than bombing them back to the stone age stuff, well, we’d rather not thank you very much.

Check out The New And Refreshing Honesty Of American Christianity (Or Why Victoria Osteen Gives Me Hope)


If you are looking forward to the big announcement by Apple on Tuesday and would like to know more or see some predictions, my good friend Tyler Brassfield has you covered.

Check out Apple Event Predictions

Debate on Calvinism

Christianity Today recently hosted a debate on Calvinism. It is well worth your time. All the participants were kind and civil in their discourse. I thought Brian Zahnd did an exceptional job of pointing out some of the flaws within Calvinism.

Part 1

Part 2

Sean Rowe

I’ve been enjoying Sean Rowe’s latest album which is streaming now over at NPR. I love this cover he does of Bruce Springsteen’s The River.


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