Resurrected Living
"What are you going to do with your new resurrected life? This is the heroic question." Richard Rohr

The Importance of Mystery


“What we have fully explored and comprehended, wearies us by familiarity, and loses its attractive charm. But mystery awakens curiosity; engages attention; excites inquiry; gives activity to thought and zest to enjoyment. How just, then, that the most important things should be the most mysterious! How proper that we should be thus led to dwell upon these with fixed attention! How fitting, also, that we should be most deeply interested in the things which Christianity presents! Nature attracts us by the wonders of a life and a death which are temporal, but religion enchains the soul by the deeper mysteries of a life and a death which are eternal.”

“It is untrue then, that a mystery that is truly divine, can obstruct our progress or hinder our vision. On the contrary, it tends to give us truer and nobler views of Deity, because it brings us nearer to Him, and yet veils, in a favoring obscurity, that dazzling glory which would otherwise blind our feeble vision. Thus it is not the light of day that gives to us the most glorious and sublime view of the material universe. We then see the earth beneath us, and the blue expanse above us, with its single sun, on which, from its very brightness, we dare not gaze, and whose very light conceals from us the rest of the material system. It is when the light is withdrawn, and darkness casts her sable mantle over the things of earth, that our view, instead of being contracted, is enlarged, and fixed upon the heavens. It is then that worlds upon worlds arise before us, and millions of suns appear in place of one, and distant and still more distant orbs lead us farther and farther through the regions of illimitable space, to the unresolved nebulae of utmost vision; to the sublime mysteries of nature; to the overwhelming grandeur and magnificence of the divine creation; to the infinite power and glory of the Creator.”

Robert Richardson, Communings in the Sanctuary

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