Resurrected Living
"What are you going to do with your new resurrected life? This is the heroic question." Richard Rohr

A Christian View of Change

Eden, Ark, Sojourning, Egypt, Wilderness, Promised Land, Divided Kingdom, Exile, Diaspora, Roman Rule

The two constants throughout the Bible are God and change. The people of God continually find themselves in changing situations. Often, God is the initiator of change. He invites us to follow him. He invites us to take risks. At the same time, the world around us is always changing. Leaders come and go. Movements begin and end. Nothing stays the same.

Change is inevitable. We cannot stop it from happening. The only choice we get to make is how we respond. Will we kick and scream and fight, or will we faithfully and maturely accept our new circumstances? Will we grow angry and bitter, or will we grow in patience and Christlikeness? Accepting what is imminent does not mean we approve of it. It allows us to both be present and move forward rather than being stuck in the past.

If we refuse to acknowledge change is a part of life, then we are refusing to accept reality. If we deny reality, then we cannot respond in faith. God has not placed us in a bubble where everything remains the same. We live in a changing world. It is here that we are called to minister, love, serve, and encourage. We cannot truly help others or ourselves unless we recognize the reality in which we live.

Change comes in many different forms. Most importantly, we are expected to change. If we don’t accept change, then we will never change. We cannot remain the same and call ourselves Christian. The life of a Christian is one of continual change. We are becoming like Christ. We are being transformed into his likeness.

The life of a Christian is one of seeking first the kingdom of God. It is a perpetual searching after the reign of God in every aspect of life. Our lives must be open to disruption for the sake of the kingdom. Our seeking never ends. We must be open to the things of God even when we grow old because God is always at work. He may bless us with a child in our old age or call us to a new task. If we fear change, then we cannot be faithful.

The Christian ideal is not a life of monotony where we seek to keep everything as it is. It is a life of surprise where we welcome holy disruptions on our way to becoming like Christ.

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