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6 Things to Remember When Reaching Out to Millennials and Gen Z

There have always been tensions between generations. One generation does things one way, and the next generation decides they will do it differently. Christians are especially concerned with younger generations because a large portion of them are leaving the faith and not coming back. Like the generations before them, they see the world differently than their parents and grandparents. How we grapple with these differences is important. If we are going to effectively engage young people, here are some things to keep in mind.

Don’t be negative – One reason why some young people might struggle with church is they never hear anything positive said about their generation. Anytime their generation is discussed, it is always about what they are doing wrong. People don’t want to be a part of a group where they are constantly being criticized.

Don’t talk as if they are without hope – Young people will be turned off by Christianity if Christians speak of them as a lost generation that cannot be saved. There are problems with every generation, but no generation is without hope. If we cannot offer people hope, they will not want to be a part of Christianity.

Live out your faith in front of them – If we do not take Christianity seriously, then why should we expect our kids and grandkids to take it seriously? If they do not see us worshiping, praying, serving, teaching, etc., they will not do these things. The most important thing we can do for the generations to come is to faithfully live out our faith in front of them.

Listen and don’t dismiss their concerns – We do not have to agree on everything, but we do have to listen and respect others. If we dismiss people or disrespect them or their views, they will want nothing to do with the church. We must be willing to listen and have mature conversations about topics that matter to others.

Avoid stereotypes – We live in a complicated world. Telling people who they are and what they believe is not a welcoming invitation. If we already have our minds made up about someone before they walk through our doors, then why should they open up to us? Don’t tell people who they are. Let them tell us.

Don’t water down Christianity – The young people who are interested in Christianity are really interested in Christianity. They are not looking for Christianity lite. If we water down the message or are not serious about following Jesus, then they will likely keep looking for a church that is.

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