Resurrected Living
"What are you going to do with your new resurrected life? This is the heroic question." Richard Rohr

Gravel Roads and Other Little Things

Life’s mysteries unravel when my tires hit that gravel
And I leave the paved road far behind
Every breath I breathe is one step closer to me
Easing my worried mind
– William Elliott Whitmore

The formation of ourselves is happening all the time. Our choices shape us in one way or another. In a sense, everything we do is spiritual because we are spiritual beings, and what we do is either life-giving or life-destroying, healthy or unhealthy. 

Most of us understand this when it relates to the obvious. We know helping others is not only a good thing to do, but it is beneficial for us. When we help others, we are being the person we want to be, and it has a transformative effect on us. We also know that when we steal or cheat, it corrupts us. We must realize these transformations are happening all the time, and they are not always obvious. 

We can make nearly anything a spiritual practice depending on how we approach it. Doing the dishes is viewed as a chore or maybe even a burden. What is transformative about doing the dishes? If we approach it with anger and frustration, then it is not good for us. However, if we approach it with a sense of gratitude, then it is good for us. What is the difference? It is perspective. Are we upset because people have dirtied dishes, or do we count it a blessing to have people in our homes we get to care for and love? 

Other daily activities are more concrete in which direction they lead us. They are either good or bad, and our perspectives may matter very little. We must ask ourselves, what is this doing to me? 

In Gravel Road by William Elliott Whitmore, he reflects on the benefits of solitude. A gravel road away from the noise and congestion of a city can be a life-giving place to spend some time. It can allow a person to slow down and reflect on life and what truly matters. A drive down a gravel road can be a spiritual activity if we allow it.

To live a spiritually healthy life, we should continually reflect on these questions.

What is this doing to me?
Is this life-giving?
Is this healthy or unhealthy?
Am I making a good choice?
Does this action reflect who I want to be?
Is what I am doing good, true, or beautiful?

We have choices to make. 

Do I watch the news or watch the sunset?
Do I spend time on my phone or spend time with my child?
Do I sleep in or volunteer?
Do I read the latest celebrity gossip or read poetry?
Do I invest in this person or avoid a conversation?
Do I use my home as a space to collect things or use it to welcome others?
Do I comment on social media or converse with the person in the room with me?

Our choices are forming us whether we realize it or not. Even little things, like a gravel road, matter. 

Click on Gravel Road to listen to the song by William Elliott Whitmore,

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