Resurrected Living
"What are you going to do with your new resurrected life? This is the heroic question." Richard Rohr

The Blessing of Church

We have seen many changes over the last year and a half. One of them is the popularization of online worship. Nearly every church is offering or has offered some form of it. This has been a wonderful blessing for many. People who are unable to attend can watch online. People who are homebound or in nursing homes can once again be a part of the worship they have missed. People who do not attend church can watch and hear the gospel. Praise God that the Christian message is more accessible than before.

Like any new thing, we must consider both the positive and the negative. We have witnessed the blessings of online worship, but are there any reasons for concern? Yes, I believe there are. We live in an age where individualism is celebrated and cherished. Robert Putnam famously described it as an age of bowling alone. This has not led to more freedom. Instead, we have seen loneliness, depression, and suicide rates skyrocket. Choosing to be by ourselves rather than being with others is not wise. Choosing convenience over relationships is not Christian.

The New Testament describes the church as spending “much time together” (Acts 2:46) and meeting together (Heb. 10:25). We need one another, and we need to be present for others. We come together to encourage, listen, and strengthen our relationships. Our gatherings have a purpose.

The church is a family. Imagine if a family each had their own rooms, and they stayed in those rooms and only watched their other family members on a screen. What would happen over time? How would the children (the next generation) be formed? What kind of family would they be in five or ten years? The church cannot exist without coming together. We can get sermons and worship songs anywhere on the internet. What is unique about church is meeting together around the Lord’s table, hugging each other in the foyer, trying to figure out how to understand the text together, sharing the burdens of others, serving alongside someone else, and everything else we do as a family.

It is a great blessing that churches all over the world can share their worship with others, but it is an even greater blessing that churches made up of people exist all over the world to be the body of Christ to one another and to the communities in which they reside.

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