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To Mourn, or Not to Mourn

August 13, 2014

“Rejoice with those who rejoice, weep with those who weep.” (Romans 12:15) “Blessed are those who mourn, for they shall be comforted.” (Matthew 5:4) With the inception of social media the way we mourn has changed. When someone dies many people now choose to post tributes on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. When someone famous dies […]

Hope in the Midst of Lament: A Meditation on Psalm 22

April 20, 2014

Hear the audio of this sermon below


January 25, 2014

Should a Christian Watch R Rated Films? Alissa Wilkinson offers a lengthy but well reasoned defense of why Christianity Today reviews R rated movies. I have thought a lot about this question myself, and contemplated writing a blog post on it (which I may still do). Wilkinson does a good job handling this touchy subject. […]

4 Things to Remember When Tragedy Strikes

April 18, 2013

God is good – God is not the author of evil. He is good (Matt. 19:17). He blesses both saints and sinners (Matt. 5:45). All good things come from God (James 1:17). He desires nothing but good for His creation. When bad things happen in this world, they are not God’s doing. Evil does not […]

Come, Lord Jesus

December 17, 2012

Here is the sermon I preached yesterday morning at La Grange Church of Christ. We have been studying the gospel of Luke and I decided to use the text for the week, but changed my message in light of the tragic events in Newtown, Connecticut.   He began to tell the people this parable: “A […]

Good Grief

April 20, 2012

Grief is a part of life. Every person will deal with it sooner or later. Grief can arise from losing a loved one or being diagnosed with cancer, but it can also be the result of losing a job or a dream not being fulfilled. Every church should have a plan for dealing with grief. […]

A Homily for My Grandfather

June 20, 2011

In Loving Memory of Bob Parker. July 5, 1929 – June 18 2011 For 31 years I have looked up to the man we are here to remember today.  I believe it was sometime around the 4th grade when I was asked to write a paper about the person I admired the most.  For me […]

Grief Quotes

May 1, 2011

The following quotes are from some open ended questions I asked in a survey on grief.  I received numerous responses and recently combed through them all and chose some quotes I found helpful.  All the quotes are anonymous.  They are from individuals who have experienced a crisis situation and are active members of a Church […]

Grief Survey

April 29, 2011

How long has it been since you experience a life changing crisis? 42% – 1 Year 28% – 5 Years 22% – 10 Years 8% – 20 Years What best describes the crisis you experienced? 56% – Loss of a loved one 11% – Disease 7% – Accident 6% – Loss of Job 6% – […]

Rabbit Hole

April 20, 2011

Rabbit Hole is a movie based on a play by David Lindsay-Abaire.  It is the story of a married couple played by Nicole Kidman and Aaron Eckhart who are struggling to cope after the loss of their young son.  It certainly isn’t a feel good movie, but it is a wonderfully acted portrayal of two […]


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