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A Brush With Violence

November 5, 2013

Last Wednesday I was sitting in a coffee shop having coffee with a couple of friends when I received a text from my wife. The text said, “We’re all okay.” This was supposed to be a comforting text from my wife, but it was not comforting in any way. In fact, it was disturbing. I […]


August 23, 2013

Anoinette Tuff In a gun culture that is ready and willing to fire at will it was refreshing to find this story of bravery about woman who used words and kindness to stop a gunmen from killing innocent civilians. I am not naive enough to believe words will stop every act of violence, but I […]


June 14, 2013

Christians in the Media The people over at Christ and Pop Culture have shared a great video of Ira Glass, host of This American Life, sharing his thoughts on how Christians are portrayed in the media. You might be surprised by what he has to say. Check out According to Ira Glass, Christians Aren’t So Bad […]


March 22, 2013

What Does a Real Man Look Like? Like me, you were probably horrified by the news coming out of Steubenville, OH. How could a community create a culture in which women are objectified, mistreated, and abused? How could members of a community look the other way when rumors of awful things began to surface? The […]

How Do We Stop the Violence?

August 14, 2012

Over the last few weeks our country has been ravaged by violence. Attacks on people have taken place in Colorado, Wisconsin, and Texas. Many people have lost their lives and many more have been seriously injured. It did not take long at all for this to become a political issue. People on the right and […]